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Therapy With Kay

Next Open Day : Monday 9th September 9am - 8pm

This could change your life!

 Book your One-to-One half hour *free-trial with me.

⭐️ Learn how to look after your mental health

⭐️ See what therapy is like

⭐️ Get some ideas for self care or coping better

⭐️ Set some future goals for yourself

⭐️ Ask any questions about therapy

⭐️ See how I can help and support you

⭐️ See if you'd benefit before booking full sessions

This is a great first step and there is NO obligation to book further sessions if you don't think they'll help you.

Please bear in mind that this is a half hour 'taster' session and not a full therapy session.

My usual privacy and confidentiality guidelines still apply (See FAQ's) and will be discussed with you in full.

Therapy With Kay offers:

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Coaching for Wellbeing

Creative Therapy Group Workshops

The priority here is your mental wellbeing.

There are also many free services available through your GP or local mental health charities.

I am happy to direct you to them if required.

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Contact me to book your free session or ask any questions:

Call/Text:    07730 355 744


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